Sponsor CodeCamp Participants


CodeCamp needs your help.  CodeCamp wants to bring a delegation of underprivileged students to Big Data Startup Weekend.  We need your help to raise sponsorship to make this happen.  Contact Brett Noyes @ brettnoyes@startupweekend.org to find out how you can make this happen.

CodeCamp’s Purpose

Computer programming is an essential skill in the high-tech economy, and students in East Palo Alto (EPA) do not have access to resources for learning programming.


CodeCamp’s mission is to empower youth from low-income backgrounds with programming skills with which they can enhance their earning power and start their own projects. Computer programming is not only an economically valuable skill, but a vehicle by which CodeCamp students can become motivated to excel in other areas such as math and reading.




Rafael and I started teaching computer science and web development at an after-school program at the East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy during the Winter of 2014. A few months into the program, we took our students to a hackathon called HSHacks, where they had an absolute blast and finally understood why programming is exciting and empowering. Our students returned to our after school program after the hackathon with renewed enthusiasm, and we decided to create a programming summer camp for EPA students based on the hackathon format. This is CodeCamp. Since then, we’ve been holding four-hour hackathons in East Palo Alto to expose new students to coding and hone the skills of our current students.



Each CodeCamp student will complete the Javascript track on the online programming education tool provided by Codecademy before the start of the session in which they are enrolled.


We will teach kids fundamental computer science and web development skills. Each one of our students will leave CodeCamp with a fully functional game or website which is live on the web. Each student will also finish with a working understanding of how to build web applications with the three fundamental programming languages of the web: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We will leverage Khan Academy’s free educational programming environment as well as Codecademy’s online tools to teach students Javascript programming and computer science fundamentals.


During the schoolyear, we will hold bi-weekly, daytime hacakthons on the weekends at the Green Street school in East Palo Alto for both CodeCamp graduates and students from East Palo Alto who have not participated in CodeCamp but want to learn computer programming. At these hackathons we will provide both technical and career mentorship for our CodeCamp graduates. This includes helping students work on their own personal programming projects and helping them prepare for technical interviews if they choose to pursue a summer internship at a tech company.


Curriculum Outline


Week 1: Making games with Javascript and Khan Academy tools (learn programming fundamentals and Javascript syntax)

Week 2: Programming for the web: learn HTML, CSS, Javascript for the DOM (making websites)

Weeks 3 and 4: Team project. Design and build a game or website, get feedback from users, pitch on Demo Day.